A decade of COMPAS Research and Knowledge-Exchange on Access to Rights and Services in European, national and local policies (2012–2022)

A decade of compas research and knowledge exchange on access to rights and services in European, national and local policies (2012–2022) 


A series of studies at COMPAS, University of Oxford, has explored the law, policy and practice across Europe concerning the rights of migrants with irregular immigration status. Focusing on access to welfare services and to ‘safe-reporting’ for victims of crime, it has explored the reasons behind a complex pattern of entitlements and restrictions at European, national and local levels; and the tensions in multi-level governance that can emerge where national, regional and municipal priorities in this respect do not coincide.

This briefing summarises the key findings of that work, citing the reports and journal articles exploring their implications. The methodology for the studies, and the research literature on which they draw, can be found in those publications.

This briefing also highlights the engagement with European and North American policymakers to which the research has led, under the auspices of COMPAS’ knowledge-exchange arm, the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity.

You can access the briefing here.