Engbersen, G. and D. Broeders. (2011). Immigration control and strategies of irregular migrants: from light to thick fog.

Citation: Engbersen, G. and D. Broeders. 2011. Immigration control and strategies of irregular migrants: from light to thick fog. In Foggy Social Structures: Irregular Migration, European Labour Markets and the Welfare State, eds M. Bommes and G. Sciortino, Chapter 8. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

Abstract/Description: (excerpt from the chapter): "The outline of this chapter is as follows. First, we give a brief overview of the current Dutch policies as well as some EU policies to fight irregular migration. We then discuss the implications of these immigration policies for irregular immigrants’ residence strategies, those that enable irregular immigrants to make ends meet and stay in the Netherlands. We analyse three important strategies – labour market participation, criminal behaviour and manipulation of identity – that prevent expulsion. In the final section, we discuss the complexity of contemporary foggy social structures and ascertain whether the Dutch state is successful in dismantling the foggy social structures of irregular immigrants".


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