Guia, M.J., Woude, M.v.d, & Leun, J.v.d. (eds). (2013). Social control and justice: crimmigration in the age of fear.


Citation: Guia, M. J., Woude, M. V. D., & Leun, J. V. D. (2013). Social Control and Justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear. Eleven International Publishing.


Abstract/Description: Social control and justice: Crimmigration in the Age of Fear offers a fresh, multi-disciplinary and international examination of a phenomenon that has altered the landscape of migration in the United States and is now taking root in Canada and throughout Europe. Crimmigration law consists of the letter and practice of laws and policies at the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. Crimmigration scholars study the creation of crimmigration laws and policies, their enforcement, and the institutional dynamics that create crimmigration law and are created by it. Many have written about the use of crimmigration law to exert social control over groups marginalised by ethnic bias, class, or citizenship status. The work of the international scholars in this book explores the origins and effects of crimmigration. It uncovers its new manifestations in previously uncharted territory.


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