C-MISE is a city-led knowledge-exchange programme supporting European cities in sharing knowledge on city practices and policies responding to the presence of migrants with irregular status in their territory. The aims of C-MISE are to: engage cities and towns in knowledge-exchange on migrants with irregular status; disseminate C-MISE guidance materials throughout Europe; share expertise in national, European and international policy debates; and mainstream C-MISE' issue of focus within city networks focusing on migration. The short video documentary on the right explains why cities consider it important to take action in relation to irregular migrants. 

C-MISE is chaired by the City of Utrecht and facilitated by researchers at the University of Oxford's Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS). Since 2017, approximately 50 cities across 18 countries engaged in C-MISE dialogues.

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About this website

This website aims to offer cities across Europe access to C-MISE expertise, materials, a channel to reach out to the C-MISE team and city partners, but also an opportunity to share additional information on their initiatives (see "Latest"). Content is presented on the basis of six areas of focus reflecting the main areas of cities' engagement on migrants with irregular status. The Research Hub aims to provide cities with wider access to research, information and guidance on city responses to irregular migrants.

This website is developed and managed by C-MISE researchers and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, its content may not be attributed to any specific city representatives engaged in C-MISE.

How to get involved

If you are from a European municipality and would like to be notified of future C-MISE events, have further information on C-MISE, or be put in touch with a municipality addressing issues referred to in the Guidance, please email us using the contact box.